Teen Escape Rooms – Virtual Adventures at Your Leisure

Back by popular demand! Two new virtual escape rooms will be available on our Facebook page and website. Complete at your leisure and let us know how you did by emailing TDSRC@wellandlibrary.ca

Escape Room Novice Online (https://forms NULL.gle/tSkZbUsU3AEeznQ4A)

It’s 2023 and you are finally able to go to an overnight camp. You’re buzzing with excitement for what camp holds for you. Little did you know that an adventure of epic proportion awaits you. You’ll need to decipher, decode, and disentangle a variety of puzzles to solve the camp mystery.

Escape Room Advanced Online (https://forms NULL.gle/XT8Xegw9dz9WZ3497)
Fresh out of university, you land your dream job as an investigator for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). You’re ready to tackle tough assignments, difficult cases, and challenging situations. Your first assignment is to track down a gang of art thieves who stole a famous sculpture by Karoo Ashevak from the National Gallery of Canada. Will you be able to track the thieves down before they strike again? Solve the clues to catch them before it’s too late.