And We Have a Winner!

We are happy to announce Kristy Burgess has won the Welland Public Library’s Facebook Poetry Contest with her poem An Open Book. Thank you to everyone who entered a poem and to everyone who took the time to vote.

An Open Book

If I were a book I would be open. I would be the type you would likely be too embarrassed to be seen buying at the store so you got it online. If anyone walked by, you would hide the contents of my pages from passing eyes. You would keep me tucked under your mattress so no one could find me. You would mark your place. You wouldn’t take me everywhere but you would think of me when apart. You would wonder what is next. You would be excited to pick me up and continue reading, learning more with each page. You would take care of me.

Until you reached the end.

Not to be read again. You wouldn’t want me once you discovered my tattered pages, coffee stains, dog ears, broken spine, and wrinkled cover. You would simply leave me on the floor to collect dust.

-Kristy Burgress