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NOVELISTK8Lg (http://search NULL.ebscohost NULL.com/login NULL.aspx?authtype=ip,cpid&custid=s4274576&profile=novpk8) NOVELIST K-8 (http://search NULL.ebscohost NULL.com/login NULL.aspx?authtype=ip,cpid&custid=s4274576&profile=novpk8)
Discover fiction titles that are popular with young readers. Find books to read and lists of books  like the one you have just finished reading. You can also find out about authors and illustrators here.
historica (http://www NULL.thecanadianencyclopedia NULL.com/index NULL.cfm?PgNm=HomePage&Params=A1) CANADIAN ENCLYOPEDIA (http://www NULL.thecanadianencyclopedia NULL.com/index NULL.cfm?PgNm=HomePage&Params=A1)
A good source for information about Canada and Canadians.
WorldBookLogo (http://www NULL.worldbookonline NULL.com/wb/products?ed=all&gr=Welcome+Welland+Public+Library) WORLDBOOK ONLINE (http://www NULL.worldbookonline NULL.com/wb/products?ed=all&gr=Welcome+Welland+Public+Library)
This is an encyclopaedia covering all aspects of general knowledge, with over 25,000 articles and 12,000 pictures.
A complete list of our online resources for kids can be found here. (http://wellandlibrary NULL.ca/eresources/digital-information/children-and-youth/)


ask (http://www NULL.ask NULL.com/) ASK.COM (http://www NULL.ask NULL.com/)
Designed to be a fun destination site focused on learning and “edutainment,” it uses natural language so you can ask questions, such as “Why is the sky blue?”,  just like you would ask a parent, friend or teacher.
facthound (http://www NULL.facthound NULL.com/) FACTHOUND (http://www NULL.facthound NULL.com/)
This web portal provides students with factual, accurate and current resources available on the Internet.
 intpl (http://www NULL.ipl NULL.org/div/kidspace/)  INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY FOR KIDS (http://www NULL.ipl NULL.org/div/kidspace/)
This site is organized by the Dewey Decimal System, just like your school or public library.
 nasalogo_twitter_normal (http://www NULL.nasa NULL.gov/)  NASA (http://www NULL.nasa NULL.gov/)
Tons of information on astronomy, space, space travel, science and technology. Track live satellites and space launches.
 ministry_header (http://www NULL.edu NULL.gov NULL.on NULL.ca/teachingawards/index NULL.html)  PREMIER’S AWARDS FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE (http://www NULL.edu NULL.gov NULL.on NULL.ca/teachingawards/index NULL.html)
Do you have the best teacher or what?  Nominate your teacher for the Premier’s Awards for teaching Excellence and have your teacher recognized.