Welcome to the Kid's Space
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New in 2020 is an online platform where kids can create their own reading log, read and write book reviews, participate in a Book Battle and so much more!The TD Summer Reading Club (TDSRC) is Canada’s largest free bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, interests and all abilities.

Visit the TDSRC website today – https://www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca/ (https://www NULL.tdsummerreadingclub NULL.ca/)


Looking for a fun activity this summer?  Starting June 29, you’ll be able to participate in our Virtual Summer Programs and be able to enjoy some of our traditional activities from home.  Check out our program calendar (http://wellandlibrary NULL.ca/events) for details on how to obtain programs kits and how to register for some of our virtual programs.

Let us know how many books you’ve read each week for a chance to win a fabulous prize!  Click here (http://wellandlibrary NULL.ca/kids-space/8865-2/summer-reading-club/td-summer-reading-club/) to enter.

We still have summer programs!  Watch this page for updated videos that include fun activities for kids and families.

Paper Caterpillar Game Hop-Hop-Hopscotch DIY Itsy Bitsy Spider Twig Tac Toe Flextangles
(https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=pyBj_aBMaDE&t=16s) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=MZII1ZdiwZE) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=IE5cxzfx4f4) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=EhdlA0ubScw) (https://youtu NULL.be/WXdCWDvBORo)
An easy DIY craft and an especially great activity for the family to do together! Create your own hopscotch and invite your family to play along with you.  Click here for template or call us to pick-up this craft kit via curbside pick-up at Main Branch. Use something as simple as sticks and stones to make your very own game, Twig Tac Toe. Click here (https://tinyurl NULL.com/wfkapl3) for template so you can follow along with our video.

Bug Balloon Tennis Pitching Pennies Field Goal Catapult Monster Athletes Minute to Win It!
(https://youtu NULL.be/zxACx3856vk) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=otTlQfpUmXQ) (https://youtu NULL.be/V5-5Zb3Zd30) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=u-PEGHq1pf0)
Stop by the Seaway Mall Branch to pick up a kit (while supplies last) or call 289-820-7472 to arrange for curbside pick-up. Learn how to play this ancient game using pennies (or other coins). Video available Monday, July 20.

Call 289-820-7472 to pick-up a kit (while supplies last)

These funny DIY monster crafts are not to be feared but instead displayed for ALL to see! Pick up a kit with all the supplies via our curbside pickup. How many buttons can you stack in 60 seconds?

Rubber Egg-periment Wash Away the Germs Magic Trick Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Story Stones Slime with Staples
(https://youtu NULL.be/zHREd3tLpyo) (https://youtu NULL.be/OKjvmnBdNlE) (https://youtu NULL.be/zAJWW6P06pQ) (https://youtu NULL.be/PD0pa6ij5pg) (https://youtu NULL.be/o_3Byjrd1WI)
Learn how to make a rubber egg using vinegar! Learn how to make germs magically disappear – you’ll be amazed! Get your free bath bomb kit to create something magical! Learn how to paint a picture on a rock to help create a story. Make your own slime at home!  Kits are generously provided by Staples® Welland.

Boat Floats Plant Your Own Green  House DIY Wood Hedehog Cool Colours Magic Paper Towel
(https://youtu NULL.be/5anHQKVP7uw) (https://youtu NULL.be/dvTUxBYdMt4) (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=ue44UeXJwZo) (https://youtu NULL.be/zJnTkNP8tEI) (https://youtu NULL.be/2A5nfm9yh8c)
Using a sponge or a piece of pool noodle and some easy-to-find decorative craft items, make a boat that floats! Call 289-820-7472 to  pick up kits. Kits available, while supplies last!  Call 289-820-7472 for details. Make melting water colors using an ice cube tray and simple supplies. This is a simple and easy magic trick that can be done at home using items you probably already have!

We will be updating this page with downloadable activities/templates regularly – so keep an eye out for updates!

Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt Design Your Own Jersey Olympic Crossword and Word Search Mini Basketball Hoop Ddakji Game
Download the template here (http://wellandlibrary NULL.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Summer-Nature-Scavenger-Hunt-edits-1 NULL.pdf) Download the template here (https://tdsrcstaff NULL.cdn NULL.prismic NULL.io/tdsrcstaff/424fa8a2-be23-4acb-9ab1-2126f2535937_Sports+Jersey+Templates NULL.pdf) Download activity here (https://tinyurl NULL.com/w9mqosh) Mini Basketball Hoop Instructions Download instructions here (https://www NULL.tdsummerreadingclub NULL.ca/staff/activities#ddakji-ttakji)

Tangram Puzzle Art
Use tangram shapes to create a piece of unique art!    Click here (https://tdsrcstaff NULL.cdn NULL.prismic NULL.io/tdsrcstaff/397176fe-b625-4720-b63c-b76c0ae0e65b_Tangram+Puzzle+Art NULL.pdf) for template.