Internet Agreement

Welland Public Library Internet Agreement

To begin your Internet session, please read our Internet Station User Agreement below. Use of this computer indicates your agreement to the following:

Public Access Internet Station User Agreement
As a user of electronic information sources such as the Internet, you are expected
to use these resources in a responsible manner consistent with the informational
and educational purposes for which they are provided, and to follow the rules and regulations of the library offering these resources. All users of the Internet are
expected to use this resource in a responsible manner and comply with these
Internet use and access guidelines.
•Not all Internet sources provide accurate, complete, age appropriate or current information.
It is the user’s responsibility to question the validity of any information.
•Use of workstations for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes or to seek access to unauthorized
areas is prohibited. Infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights is prohibited.
Welland Public Library assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages arising from
the use of its connection to Internet services.
•Violation of the library’s Internet guidelines may result in the loss of Internet privileges and/or
removal from the library. Any library users involved in illegal activities will be subject to prosecution.
•Parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring their children’s Internet activity and must
accompany them when using workstations in the Adult department. Filtering software does not
replace the need for parental guidance.
•Be aware that the workstations are in public areas shared by people of all ages and sensibilities. Although the Library has taken measures to increase privacy, complete privacy cannot be
guaranteed. Each user is ultimately responsible for the selection of sites and should be aware
that other library users may be involuntarily exposed to what is displayed.
•Use is limited to sixty minutes. Express e-mail computer use is limited to 15 minutes.
•No more than two people are permitted at an Internet workstation at one time.
•Where permitted by copyright, users may print their information at the posted rate.

Unacceptable use includes:
•Use of personal software programs.
•Use of workstations for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes or to seek access
to unauthorized areas.
•Attempting to modify or gain unauthorized access to files, data, or passwords belonging to others or seek unauthorized access to any computer system
•Violating copyright laws or software licensing agreements
•Subverting or attempting to subvert any security devices in either software or
hardware format which the library has installed on its Internet workstations.
•Installing or attempting to install viruses or other programs designed to damage
or alter software on the workstations, the LAN or the Internet, or seeking
unauthorized access to any computer system.
•Sending any unsolicited commercial material or spamming.
•Misrepresenting oneself as another user.
•Attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others.

Consequences of Violating Internet Use Guidelines
•Users in violation of the library’s Internet use policies and guidelines will have their Internet privileges revoked. Repeated violations will result in removal from the Library and suspension of Internet privileges for 60 calendar days. After completion of the suspension, users are entitled to resume use of the Internet on the condition they comply with the library’s policy.
•Misuse or abuse of computers or programs is not acceptable. Offenders may be required to leave the library.
•Customers using the library’s Internet workstations for illegal purposes will be subject to prosecution. Vandalism or theft of library property is illegal and will be reported to the police.
•Repeated misuse of the Internet will result in a permanent loss of Internet privileges, subject to an appeal to the Library Board.

PLEASE NOTE: A parent or guardian must sign for children up to and including age 13.