Introducing Hoopla!

You can now use your Welland Public Library card to borrow movies, television episodes, music albums and audiobooks from Hoopla, our newest digital media service.

View or listen to the content by streaming on your computer, or download it to your smart phone or tablet. Titles are always available (no holds required!) and borrowed items will simply expire without the hassle of returns or late fees.

Once borrowed, the loan period for most movie and TV content is 3 days. Music albums are available for 7 days, and audiobooks are available for 21 days.

To use Hoopla, you need an Internet connection, an email address, and your library card number and PIN. Borrowers are limited to 5 items per month.

Watch for our new Digital Media section on the library’s website. You will find the link to Hoopla. From there, you will be able to follow the simple steps to create your account and get started.