Far, Far Away Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate Canadian Library Month in October, the Welland Public Library challenges library patrons of all ages to participate in our month-long Far, Far Away Scavenger Hunt. The Far, Far Away theme ties in with Star Wars Reads Day (http://welland NULL.evanced NULL.info/signup/EventDetails NULL.aspx?EventId=287&lib=) on October 10. In keeping with this theme, each questions will relate to Star Wars, space or adventures in faraway places!

Starting October 5, each week in October, a new series of questions will be posted in the library. The questions will involve finding and/or using library resources, and will alternate weekly between electronic and in-library resources. There will be two sets of questions available: one for children (0-13) and one for young adults and adults (14+). Participants will have until the end of each week to submit their answers. All submissions received will also be put into the grand prize draw which will be awarded at the end of the month.

To enter, you must have a Welland Public Library card in good standing. Details are available here (http://welland NULL.evanced NULL.info/signup/EventDetails NULL.aspx?EventId=433&lib=).


The Grand Prize (valued at $100): Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker & Yoda Alarm Clock

Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize (http://wellandlibrary NULL.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/prize NULL.jpg)