Book Reading and Discussion September 8

Dr. David Goicoechea, professor emeritus of Philosophy at Brock University, will discuss his book Agape and Personhood with Kierkegaard, Mother and Paul at the Library on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

Christian love is examined, existentially through mother, philosophically through Kierkegaard and as reconciliation through the letters of Paul . Dr. Goicoechea will be discussing the second part of this book here at the Library. (Part one, discussed at the Pelham Library and part 3 at  St. Catharines Library).

Goicoechea (http://www NULL.welland NULL.canlib{CKEY}&searchfield1=GENERAL^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^&user_id=WEBSERVER) shows how the three traits of personhood–that all persons are equal in dignity, that each is unique, and that all persons are interpersonal–is rooted in that love which is agape. This love between the three persons of the One God is examined existentially as mother lived it out in her love and personal growth. It is examined philosophically with Kierkegaard as he explains the logic of reconciling love, which can happen when I love the other, even my enemy, as more important than myself. The logic of reconciling love is then examined in Paul’s seven authentic letters. The history of how humans became seen as persons and how this idea developed in the West is then examined through nine moments of history.

Please register in advance by calling 905-734-6210 ext. 2521.