Cloud Printing Now Available!

With a free Google Account, you can send  print jobs to the printer at the Main Library from your computer or mobile device. Your print job is sent over the internet, so it can be done at the library or from anywhere with an internet connection.

Pick up your print job at the Circulation desk. Printing is black and white at a cost of $0.20 per page.

Here are the steps:

1. Log into your Google account in Chrome. You must be logged into a Google account first for printing to work.

2. Click the link below to add the library’s printer, available through Google Cloud Print:

Welland Public Library – 20 cents per page (https://www NULL.html?printerid=734a9c4a-8a30-0db2-e1e7-4c4fcbc66952&key=3141133725)

You will be taken to a new webpage. When prompted, click the Add Printer link.

Upload and Print a Document

From (https://www, click the red Print button and select “Upload File to Print”.

After adding this printer for your gmail account (e.g. your, you will be able to use Google Cloud Print to print from your PC or mobile device. See the attached screen shots for details.

Once you have added a printer to your Google account, you can Cloud Print to this printer! You are limited to 15 printed pages per day. If you have and use multiple Google accounts, please remember which account you used to add the printer to, or add the printer to all of your accounts.

The printer will be associated with the Google login you used, so in order to print, you have to be logged into your Google account. Your print job will be stored until you come in to pick it up and pay for it. The print jobs are listed by the Google account, so you will need to know which account you used when the print job was sent.

See our Print with Google Cloud Print instructions for more information.